photography and cinematography


Photography and Cinematography

Our very deep roots come from social studies and anthropology, we had traveled to many countries, seen many faces, heard many stories, we see the world and we know its beautiful with all of its colors.

Aquatic Haarp

Photography: Liz Matamoros

Post: Javier Sanroman

Cynthia Valenzuela is a sound healer, a heart full of joy and a great teacher, she invited us to her experience in the woods, lots of chants, water and a very unique way to heal by sound.



Donde vive el Ocelote

Directed by: Javier Sanroman

Photography: Liz Matamoros

Post: Javier Sanroman

This project was beautiful and challenging. On the Sierra Norte of Puebla state, there are traditions that could be forgotten, but a group of students made this investigation we filmed it on their language.



Vety Cariño Tejedora de Esperanza

Directed by: Javier Sanroman

in collaboration with other collectives

HOPE is the word that is hidden between the letters that form the word México, this short documentary film gives us a retrospective of a great human rights defender, Bety Cariño after her assassination, from the words of the people who worked with her.



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