Aquatic Harp Therapy

Cynthia Valenzuela

Musician, Healer, Creator of aquatic harp

Our Aquatic Harp is made with strings of silver, unique in the world.

In the workshop we enter our violet pond, where each one comes closer to Excalibur, the beautiful Aquatic Harp, there is a unique and special piece for you. The sounds enter your entrails and all your auric field thanks to the water that does your work as a driver. Meanwhile, the others in a state of meditation and
contemplation accompany us and we receive all frequencies of high healing intensity.


Upon leaving the water we are led to a beautiful environment prepared to cradle us with live music, creating an atmosphere of contention and Arrope Cunero. Upon entering we wrap and wrap to integrate the experience and rest. When we all arrive at the necessary moment we do an ancestral practice of the “Gift of the Word” and we share the mystical and healing experience that we experience.


Throughout the workshop we will be working with the Sacred Dance, Circular Dance, Teodanza and Danzas de la Paz. Remembering that all dance in the universe and within us creates and recreates the “eternal gesture” that harmonizes, heals and inspires to flow with the most subtle and profound energies. A mystic state of very high vibration surrounds us and awakens the inner dancer.
At the same time we will be working on unique moments accompanied by Magic Songs and mantras that will help us to deepen all our work. The power of internal and external sound and the reconnection with our voice to let the healing emotions flow, from sound healing poems.

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